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An urban resort in the city of Lisbon

Welcome to our hotel located between Lisbon Airport and the city’s main attractions, with unparalleled access to Lisbon’s historic wonders, main football stadiums and cultural treasures. Stay with us See More

Premium Rooms

Make the most of your stay at Lisbon Marriott Hotel by upgrading to one of our premium rooms and suites.

Unparalleled Views

Elevate your experience to new heights with our premium rooms located on high floors, offering panoramic views of both the vibrant cityscape and the serene beauty of our gardens.

Enjoy the exclusive privileges of our Executive Lounge, where you can discover an elegant setting, indulge in

Catering Options for Your Events

An array of dining and room service options to choose from wether your looking to organize small meetings to large conferences. Plan a product launch or company trade show; or invite your guests and host a wedding, anniversary or company success.

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